Examples of questions address in TUP 2017 – Printers

The Printers Chapter of TUP 2017 features answers to the key questions describing the current market for PC printers. In addition to reporting market penetration and share, TUP dives deeper to profile who is – and isn’t – using PC printers, and how they are being used. Further, this chapter addresses those who are printing remotely, either to their own printers or to someone else’s or a service.

In addition to the following printer and printing-focused questions, TUP 2017 also includes many other chapters which comprehensively describe the most important devices and behaviors of technology users today.

Examples of questions addressed in TUP 2017 – Printers Chapter

  • How many are using their home printer to print images directly from their Smartphones or Tablets? (721 ACT_PR1xPR1)
  • What are the main printer activities? (721 ACT_PR1xPR1)
  • How much does the average home printer user spend on printers and ink/toner? (790 SPENDxPR1)
  • Whose Home Printer customers spend the most for ink, toner, or paper? (790 SPENDxPRH_BRANDS)
  • Among Home printer users, what is the preferred device for graphics/image activities? (590 ACT_IMGxPR1)
  • Are most Home printers purchased from the same types of outlets as ink/toner is? (800 OUTxPR1)
  • Whose Home Printer customers are the biggest overall tech spenders? (790 SPENDxPRH_BRANDS)
  • Are most workplace printers in small or large businesses? (411 PR1xPR1)
  • What are the most common documents (maps, spreadsheets, photos, etc.) that consumers print on their inkjet printers? How about their laser printers? (721 ACT_PR1xPR1)
  • Are most Home printers purchased from the same types of outlets as Home PCs are? (800 OUTxPR1)
  • Are many users using remote printing services? Are these using their Internet-ready printers or online printing services? Which segments are using remote printing as a substitute for home printing, and which as an additional way to print? (590 ACT_IMGxPR1)
  • How many people use remote printing services? (590 ACT_IMGxPR1)
  • What is the frequency of printer consumables purchases? (460 SUxPR1)
  • How much does the HP printer footprint overlap Canon, Epson, and Brother? (411 PR1xPRH_BRANDS)
  • How many printers do people actively use? (410 PRxPR1)
  • To what extent is refilled ink being used for Home printers? (460 SUxPR1)
  • Whose Home Printer customers are most likely to use refilled ink/toner? (460 SUxPRH_BRANDS)
  • Whose Home Printer customers have the newest Printers? (411 PR1xPRH_BRANDS)
  • Whose Home Printer customers have the most printers? (410 PRxPRH_BRANDS)
  • Which printers are newest – Home, Workplace, or Public/shared? (411 PR1xPR1)
  • Whose Home Printer customers use their devices for the broadest range of Graphics/Image activities? (590 ACT_IMGxPRH_BRANDS)
  • Do color laser printer users use their devices for graphics or images more than average users? (590 ACT_IMGxPR1)
  • Whose Home Printer customers are most likely to use WiFi to connect their printer? (411 PR1xPRH_BRANDS)
  • Where are printer users buying their printer supplies? Are these the same channels as where they buy their printers? (800 OUTxPR1)
  • How do Home Printer users differ from those primarily using Work or Shared printers? (120 DRxPR1)
  • Which home printer brands have attracted Tech Early Adopters? (160 ADOPTxPRH_BRANDS)
  • How does the market share vary between Home and Work printers? (411 PR1xPR1)
  • How does the market share vary between Home and Work printers by printer type? (411 PR1xPR1)
  • Do users print more pages on Home, Workplace, or Shared/Public printers? (460 SUxPR1)
  • Where are monochrome printers used the most, and by what margin? (411 PR1xPR1)
  • Whose Home Printer customers are more likely to use Monochrome than Color? (411 PR1xPRH_BRANDS)

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