TUP Answers

When you have tech market questions, TUP has the answers.

Technology User Profile (TUP) is a broad resource to deliver solid research-based answers to key questions across the hottest technology sectors.

The big questions TUP supports:

  • How are people changing the combination of connected devices they choose, use, and juggle? How do their choices affect the potential for new technology to enter?
  • What are the basic profiles of technology users, and what are their deeper profiles in their behaviors, ownership, and spending?
  • What are the key segments of today? Where are the next possibilities?
  • What is the profile of technology users not only in their household, but also with their workplace and public or shared technology?
  • How do users migrate their activities from one device to the next?

Follow these topical links to see some examples of questions addressed by TUP. We call these the MetaFAQs – the Frequently Asked Questions covered by MetaFacts Technology User Profile.

The Personal Computer Market

Imaging, Printers, and Printing


Music – Streaming, Subscriptions, and Devices

Digital Entertainment

Social Networking

Gaming with PCs, Consoles, and Handhelds

The Mobile Personal Computer Market

Mobile Phones

Tech Media, Advertising, TV


Technology Consumer Demographics

Multi-Platform Usage Shifts

For more information about the types of questions TUP answers, review TUP Coverage, call MetaFacts on 1-760-635-4300, or send a contact request.

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