TUP Demand Trends

TUP Demand Trends

TUP Demand Trends provides the foundation for solidly anticipating, measuring, and creating the future

TUP Demand Trends delivers the foundation for deeply understanding the present day

TUP Demand Trends is based on 30 years of detailed technology adoption statistics, gathered through actual extensive primary research, composed of perfect (non-opinion or non-extrapolated) information.

TUP Demand Trends goes beyond commonplace back-of-the-envelope or assumption-laden models to provide multidimensional, nuanced, and usable data points

  • 1st dimension: Usage or Non-usage
    • Simplistic penetration modeling “Does anyone in your household use a mobile phone?”
    • One-dimensional data often falls short because they it offers little descriptive power to explain the interaction effects of other technology choices
  • 2nd dimension: Details about products or services, linked with details on the market segment(s)
    • “Do you use an Smartphone, is it an Apple iPhone or Android phone?”
    • “Who are you? What’s your age, gender, household size, etc.?”
    • Two-dimensional data extends beyond a flat view to couple usage of specific tech product and services of interest with the key types of consumers and users who do and don’t actively use the product or service
  • 3rd dimension: Device and service interaction, combinations, and overlaps
    • “What else do you use, such as mobile PCs, Tablets, or other handhelds?”
    • “What else do you use to communicate? Is that communication through text, voice, video?”
    • Three-dimensional data empowers the analyst and decision-maker with a rich, comprehensive understanding of the technology product or service of interest, as well as the context in which it operates

While the majority of TUP Demand Trends is based on primary TUP data, any modeled data is validated using multiple modeling methodologies

  • Validated through 3rd party numbers
  • Internally validated using well-accepted statistical methods
    • Correlation, Interpolation, Generalized Bass model, Simple Logistic, Gompertz, Box and Cox, etc.

The standard deliverables for TUP Demand Trends are datasets with extensive details for either three-year, five-year, or seven-year periods. Each profile is focused on a particular set of technology products and services. The profiles will be customized to fit your needs.

For more information about TUP Demand Trends, please call MetaFacts on 1-760-635-4300 or send a contact request form.

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