TUP 2020 Release Schedule

TUP/Technology User Profile 2020 is in the field – its 38th continuous wave! This wave spans the US, UK, Germany, China, Japan, and India. For TUP clients with current subscriptions, full results are being released through various analysis tools. As always, support will be available through direct inquiry. So, please keep those requests coming.

The Technology User Profile 2020 wave includes a broad range of research deliverables from analysis to the supporting tables and data sets.

This summary gives a brief overview of the contents and schedule for release of key deliverables.

Chapter and Sections

User Profile
Demographic Overview
Life Stage
Age Ranges
Employer Size
Age, Gender

Device Combinations
Primary and Secondary Devices
Device OS Ecosystems
Brand Footprint
Key Devices
Key Devices by OS

Total Market PC
Home/Family PCs
Work/Self-Employment PCs
Recently Purchased PCs
Purchase Year PC
Mobile PC

Households with Home/Family PCs
Households with Work/Self-Employed PC Users


Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones
Basic cell phone

Wearables, Hearables, Listening & Speaking
Wearable Technology
Hearables & Listening Devices
Voice Assistants
Voice-enabled Speakers

Game Consoles, Gaming PCs, and Game-Playing
Game Consoles & Devices
Gaming PCs

Printer #1
Printer #2
Printer #3
Home Printer Brands
Printing Volume
Home Printer #1

Social Networking Activities
Shopping Activities
Communications Activities
Entertainment Activities
Graphics/Imaging Activities
Information/Search Activities
Cloud Storage & Sharing Activities
Personal/Productivity Activities
Work/Life Balance
Working from Home-Remote Work

Consumer Electronics
TVs, Boxes, or Services, TV or Video Watching
Music Players, Services, or Listening

Social Networking
Social Networking

Current TUP subscribers can obtain additional analysis and supporting datasets. To license the full market research results, contact MetaFacts.