TUP 2020 Households Chapter

This chapter spans households with Home PC users as well as those using employer-provided PCs or in self-employment. While the majority of Home PCs are used within homes at least part of the time, even workplace PCs are increasingly being used at home. More importantly, one key to understanding workplace computer usage and patterns is through a full profile of the employee’s household and personal demographics.
This chapter includes PC-related answers selected from the many questions in the comprehensive TUP survey. The sections in this chapter include Households with users of Home PCs and Households with users of Work/Self-Employment PCs. The data-rich deliverable is designed for quick recognition of important findings, including statistical testing and indexes comparing values to their national averages. This report results cover many key topics: PC brands and newness, OS & OS ecosystems, other connected devices, user demographics, household demographics, device combinations, details about the usage profile, consumer electronics, and purchase plans.

The MetaFacts TUP/Technology User Profile syndicated survey, conducted continuously since 1983, is based on the full range of technology users – those who connect to the Internet through PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, or Game Consoles. It spans consumers, employees, the self-employed, students, and even users of public/shared devices.
This document includes over 500 pages in PDF and Excel, featuring cross-tabulations which may be used for market sizing, user profiling, benchmarking, and to support many decisions. Please also refer to the many other chapters and sections of TUP.

The Households chapter of TUP/Technology User Profile 2020 has two main sections:

  • Households with Home/Family PCs
    • Households with Home/Family or Self-Employed PCs at Home
    • Households with any Home PCs
    • Home PC and Household Size/Presence of Children
    • Home PC and Household Income
  • Households with Work/Self PCs
    • Workplace or Self-Employed PC
    • Workplace PC
    • Any Self-Employed PC
    • Segment of Work PC
    • Employer Size Segment of Respondent

Examples of questions addressed in the TUP/Technology User Profile 2020 Households Chapter:

  • Which devices do Home PC households with children own more often than those without children?
  • Which Home PC segment has the highest use of Used/Refurbished PCs?
  • Which PC Form Factor is most-used among high-income Home PC Households?
  • How prevalent are entertainment activities with employer-provided PCs?
  • Who wants to wear wearable technology?
  • How much higher is Apple’s share among high-income than low-income adults?
  • Which PC Form Factor is most-used among high-income Home PC Households?
  • Which additional tech devices do Home PC users with kids own that other connected adults don’t?
  • Which life stage group has the highest usage of Notebook PCs?
  • Which PC activities are done more often among Home PC owners without kids than with kids?
  • Which life stage segments have the highest share of Windows, Apple, and Google OS devices?
  • How are TV and movie devices different across Life Stage segments?
  • Which Home PC segment has the biggest tech purchase plans?
  • Which Life Stage segment use portable hotspots the most?
  • Whose Home Printer customers have the most printers?
  • Whose Home Printer customers are more likely to use Monochrome than Color?
  • Whose Home Printer customers are most likely to use WiFi to connect their printer?
  • Whose Home Printer customers have the newest Printers?
  • Whose Home Printer customers use their devices for the broadest range of Graphics/Image activities?
  • How much does the HP printer footprint overlap Canon, Epson, and Brother?
  • Whose Home Printer customers are most likely to use refilled ink/toner?
  • Are many users using remote printing services? Are these using their Internet-ready printers or online printing services? Which segments are using remote printing as a substitute for home printing, and which as an additional way to print?

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