TUP 2020 Wearables, Hearables, Listening, and Speaking Chapter

The information at our fingertips motto has expanded towards our ears and voices, although only among a select group of early adopters. Media coverage still leads adoption, although active use is growing towards different segments for different use cases.

Pivotal to understanding the future of wearables, hearables, and the listening and speaking activities we do with hearables is having the profile of buyers who have been attracted, and knowing what they’re actively doing with each type of technology.
This chapter includes answers selected to be relevant to wearables and hearables of all kinds from the many questions in the comprehensive TUP survey. The key data points in this chapter include current usage and around wearables, hearables, and the many activities we use which involve listening or speaking. Wearables and hearables are broadly defined devices such as bluetooth headsets and fitness trackers, and the narrower market of those using Smartwatches, HeadCams such as GoPro, and others. Furthermore, this chapter dives into the TUP data to reveal those who are using audio-emphasized activities on each of their devices from voice and video calls to speech-enabled assistants. Also, TUP includes key listening activities from watching television or movies to making and receiving video calls or having online personal or work group meetings. The data-rich deliverable is designed for quick recognition of important findings, including statistical testing and indexes comparing values to their national averages. This report results cover many key topics: personal and household demographics, device combinations, details about the usage profile, social networking, purchase plans, device activities, and technology spending.

The MetaFacts TUP/Technology User Profile syndicated survey, conducted continuously since 1983, is based on the full range of technology users – those who connect to the Internet through PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, or Game Consoles. It spans consumers, employees, the self-employed, students, and even users of public/shared devices.
This document includes over 300 pages in PDF and Excel, featuring cross-tabulations which may be used for market sizing, user profiling, benchmarking, and to support many decisions.

The Wearable Technology chapter of TUP/Technology User Profile 2020 has two sections:

  • Wearable Technology
    • Actively using Wearable Technology
      • HeadCam (e.g. GoPro), Fitness Tracker (e.g. FitBit), Smartwatch, With or Without Bluetooth Headsets
    • Use any Smartwatch
  • Hearables and Listening Activities
    • Any Hearables or Listening Activities
    • Actively using Hearables
      • Wireless Bluetooth Headsets, VR Google (e.g. Oculus Rift)
    • Any Smartphone Listening Activities
    • Any Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Examples of questions addressed in the Wearable Technology chapter of TUP/Technology User Profile 2020 include:

  • Are tech wearers using more-mobile tech products?
  • Are tech wearers more or less active with their devices than others?
  • Are tech wearers more or less socially active?
  • Are Tech wearers bigger or lower tech spenders?
  • Do technology wearers use more or fewer CE products?
  • Do technology wearers use more or fewer connected devices?
  • Who is already wearing wearable technology?
  • Are most audio-active Smartphone speaking, or passively enjoying entertainment?

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