TUP 2020 Consumer Electronics Chapter

It’s all about fun! This certainly seems so when looking at the depth and range of consumer electronics in active use. Consumers find so many ways to find entertainment and feather their nests. No longer are they shackled to a single viewing device, and instead juggle their many devices and connections to get what they want.

The information at our fingertips motto has expanded towards our eyes, ears and voices, and substantially beyond a select group of early adopters. Active use continues shifting with different segments having different use cases.

This chapter includes answers selected to be relevant to consumer electronics of all kinds from the many questions in the comprehensive TUP survey. The key data points in this chapter include current usage and around TVs, TV Boxes, TV subscription services from cable to satellite, and the many activities we use our tablets, smartphones, and PCs for which involve entertainment. Content spans traditional cable TV subscriptions through OTT viewing. Furthermore, this chapter dives into the TUP data to reveal those who are using video-emphasized activities on each of their devices from watching videos or movies. Also, it details the rich collection of TV boxes from Roku and Apple TV to Amazon and Google’s offerings.

Other sections in the chapter detail standalone scanners, home video projectors, and music players, services and listening. Pivotal to understanding the future of wearables, hearables, and the listening and speaking activities we do with hearables is having the profile of buyers who have been attracted, and knowing what they’re actively doing with each type of technology.

The data-rich deliverable is designed for quick recognition of important findings, including statistical testing and indexes comparing values to their national averages. This report results cover many key topics: Technology adoption (early adopters vs. laggards), personal and household demographics, device combinations, details about the usage profile, social networking, purchase plans, and device activities.

The MetaFacts TUP/Technology User Profile syndicated survey, conducted continuously since 1983, is based on the full range of technology users – those who connect to the Internet through PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, or Game Consoles. It spans consumers, employees, the self-employed, students, and even users of public/shared devices.
This document includes over 300 pages in PDF and Excel, featuring cross-tabulations which may be used for market sizing, user profiling, benchmarking, and to support many decisions.

The Consumer Electronics chapter of TUP/Technology User Profile 2020 has two main sections:

  • TVs, Boxes, or Services, TV or Video Watching
    • TV Devices or Services, TV or Video Watching, or None
    • TV Devices or Watching, No TV Devices nor Watching
    • TV Watching Activities, No TV Watching Activities
    • TV Services Subscriptions, No TV Services
    • TV Devices, No TV Devices
  • Music Players, Services, or Listening
    • Music Players, Services, or Listening, or None
    • Music Listening Activities on Connected Devices, No Music Listening Activities
    • Music Services, No Music Services
    • Music Players (e.g. Portable MP3 Players/iPods), No Music Players

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