Purchase plans for smartphones and tablets by OS, country, and age

Dan Ness, Principal Analyst, MetaFacts, October 27, 2021

Apple and Android purchase plans by country

  • Globally, slightly more adults plan to buy an iPhone as plan to buy an Android smartphone
    • 19% of global adults plan to buy an iPhone in the next 12 months, while 16% have similar plans for an Android smartphone
    • Apple leads in the US with 20% having iPhone purchase plans compared to 14% for Android smartphones
    • In Japan, the gap is narrowly tilted towards Apple among the small share with brand-specific plans

Apple and Android purchase plans by age group

  • A higher share of younger adults plan to buy an iPhone than an Android smartphone
    • Globally, adults age 18-34 prefer Apple iPhones and those 35 and over prefer Android smartphones
    • The plans gap between iPhones and Android smartphones is 1% or less among adults 35 and older
  • More adults of all ages plan to buy an iPad over an Android tablet

Apple and Android purchase plans among Americans by age

  • More online Americans of all ages plan to buy an Apple iPhone than plan to buy an Android smartphone
    • The iPhone/Android gap is measurable among all age groups, except among 50+ where the difference is only 1%
    • The age gap is especially prominent among younger adults – age 18-24
  • Plans for tablets are dominated by Apple iPads

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