Examples of Questions addressed in TUP 2017 – Communication

H01 man on phone long exp_fullbridgeprogram ccCommunication activities – from texting to voice and video calls – are a central use of connected devices. The many chapters of TUP 2017 reveal which devices users choose and use for their various types of communication. Furthermore, TUP drills down into which devices are being used by which market segments. So, you can see the impact communication has across each platform, ecosystem, and type of customer.

In addition to the following communication-related questions, the TUP 2017 Full Edition also includes many other chapters which comprehensively describe the most important devices and behaviors of technology users today.

Following are examples of questions addressed in TUP 2017 related to communication, with the most-relevant questions at the top: Continue reading “Examples of Questions addressed in TUP 2017 – Communication”

TUP Section-TVs, Boxes, or Services, TV or Video Watching

Watching a movie involves a lot more than getting the popcorn and couch ready. There’s been an explosion of interest to watch movies and TV programs anywhere and any time. Consumers are already juggling their various and many Smartphones, PCs, and Tablets for their many entertainment and productivity activities. They’re also finding many ways to connect, through Broadband Internet as well as through non-Broadband connections – from dial-up to Wi-Fi Hotspots and tethered phone connections.

Technology users lead a full and rich life, and Technology User Profile (TUP) reveals it in great detail.

The TVs, Boxes, or Services, TV or Video Watching section of TUP 2016 (Section MT) includes a complete profile of Connected Adults. The key banner points are TV Devices or Services, TV or Video Watching, TV Devices or Watching, TV Watching, TV Services, and TV Devices.

This section includes the answers relevant to viewing and viewers, their connections and devices, and their household spending, all drawn from the many survey questions in the comprehensive TUP survey. The data-rich deliverable is designed for quick recognition of important findings, including statistical testing and indexes comparing values to their national averages. Continue reading “TUP Section-TVs, Boxes, or Services, TV or Video Watching”