TUP Lenses on Activities

People use technology products for many personal and work activities, from getting things done, shopping, having fun, or staying in touch. When understanding how people behave is the focal point of your research, this group of TUP Lenses considers: How are technology users using their devices? Which devices are favored by which activities? This grouping considers trends in users’ activities and which devices they use to do so. We consider how users integrate devices into their everyday lives, compared to how they used them in the past, to provide insights into current and future trends. These TUP Lenses span a range of activities, from imaging, searching, and productivity, alongside a detailed variety of methods (like email, group chats, text messages, or video calls) people use to communicate. The Activities TUP Lens grouping includes our TUP Activities and Communication lenses.

To view the marketplace through behavior-focused TUP lenses, begin with these ones, and consider related TUP lenses:

TUP LensSee also
ActivitiesWork/Life Balance, Game Consoles, Gaming PCs, and Game-Playing, Wearables, Hearables, Listening, and Speaking, Communication
CommunicationActivities, Work/Life Balance
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