TUP Technology Ecosystems

This lens details the penetration of the key individual products and services offered by each company, delving into their overall footprint and how well they do or don’t overlap in market acceptance.

Users value ecosystems by how well they integrate and express that value in the parts they actively use. The largest technology companies, from Apple to Google, and Microsoft to Amazon, seek to build and cultivate a coordinated experience that will attract and retain customers. This TUP lens measures their progress and profiles which segments and their depth of displayed commitment to the ecosystem.

Summary of subjects covered in the Technology Ecosystems lens

SubjectsExamples of TUP Questions Answered
Key Device MetricsKey devices used, such as any Smartphone, any Desktop, any Game Consoles, and others
DevicesNumber of Devices by Operating System
Device #1-#4Device brand, sub-brand, acquisition date, and other details

Recent findings from the TUP 2020 Technology Ecosystems lens

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