TUP User Profile Lens

While technology users can be well understood by their sociodemographic profile, TUP goes even further in this lens to detail their work-from-home status and to quantify their collection of actively used connected devices.

This lens provides a top-level overview of technology users by their respondent demographics, household demographics, and work-from-home status.

Summary of subjects covered in the User Profile lens

SubjectsExamples of TUP Questions Answered
Respondent DemographicsGender, Age, Age generations, Educational attainment, Employment status
Household DemographicsHousehold size, Household income
Usage ProfileTotal hours using devices, User segment, ISP
Work from HomeWorking from home only – before or after February 2020
UnitsNumber of devices used in last 90 days, by form factor (PCs, Desktop PCs, Smartphones, etc.)

Recent findings from the TUP User Profile lens

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