TUP Game Consoles, Gaming PCs, and Game-Playing Lens

Fun is core to many technology adult users’ experiences. Games are central to some, while others only casually play, and yet others never play games.

This TUP lens profiles which users play immersive games compared to other games and whether they are being played on a smartphone, PC, tablet, or game console. TUP also details PCs designed for gaming, both gaming desktops, and gaming notebooks.

Summary of subjects covered in the Game Consoles, Gaming PCs, and Game Playing lens

SubjectsExamples of TUP Questions Answered
Game ConsolesBrand and sub-brand of game consoles in active use
Entertainment ActivitiesEntertainment activities regularly used on connected devices, such as games, music, books, or TV
Game Console ActivitiesActivities regularly done on using a game console, such as playing games, or communicating

Recent findings from the TUP Game Consoles, Gaming PCs, and Game Playing lens:

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