TUP PCs Lens

PCs have evolved over the decades, ranging from the most-mobile and light notebooks and Chromebooks to all-in-one desktops. Home PCs and employer-provided PCs are not a given and instead are being used at different rates by differing market segments. This TUP lens details which users are using which types of PCs and how they are using them.

This lens spans adults with home PCs as well as those using employer-provided PCs or in self-employment. While most home PCs are used within homes at least part of the time, even workplace PCs are increasingly being used at home. More importantly, one key to understanding workplace computer usage and patterns is through a full profile of the employee’s household and personal demographics, coupled with their activities.

Summary of subjects covered in the PCs lens

SubjectsExamples of TUP Questions Answered
Key Device MetricsKey devices used, such as any Smartphone, any Desktop, any Game Consoles, and others
PCs, Desktop PCs, All-in-One/Mini PCs, Tower Desktop PCs, Notebook PCsBrand, sub-brand, acquisition date, and other details for each form factor
UnitsNumber of devices used in last 90 days, by form factor (PCs, Desktop PCs, Smartphones, etc.)
PC Activities, Desktop PC Activities, All-in-One/Mini PC Activities, Tower PC Activities, Notebook PC Activities, Home PC Activities, Work PC ActivitiesActivities regularly done on each form factor of PC, from communications to entertainment and productivity
OutletsPurchase channels for major technology and for home and work products
Purchase PlansIntentions to purchase specific technology product types in the coming 12 months
Home PCsBrand, sub-brand, acquisition date, and other details for each home PC
Work PCsBrand, sub-brand, acquisition date, and other details for each work PC

Recent findings from the TUP PCs lens:

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