TUP Lenses on Users

In some cases, the emphasis is on understanding the people who use technology at home, in the workplace, or elsewhere. These TUP Lenses consider the marketplace from the perspective of who uses technology. In addition to sociodemographic profiles of technology users, TUP reveals household demographics, work-from-home status alongside their actively used connected devices. Sociodemographic profiles include those with and without children, household size, education level, employment status, and much more. We use these profiles to reveal who is using what device, and what trends we can see in the present and future of these technology users. We trace the profiles of users of a variety of technologies and devices to provide a view into how people are using their varied technologies now—at home, in the workplace, for school or entertainment—and what these trends mean for the future of tech use and purchasing for a variety of user groups. The Users TUP Lens grouping includes our TUP User Profile and Households lenses.

To view the marketplace through user-focused TUP lenses, begin with these ones, and consider related TUP lenses:

TUP LensSee also
User ProfileHouseholds, Work/Life Balance, Activities
HouseholdsUser Profile, Work/Life Balance
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