TUP Lenses on Technology

Sometimes, your emphasis may be on devices, the technology products people buy and use. These TUP Lenses consider what technologies consumers are using, how they are using them, and the future plans they have for purchasing these technologies. We consider key brands, market penetration, and combinations of key technologies. TUP then couples that with how the devices are used (activities) and who uses them (personal demographics.) By tracing trends associated with varied technologies, we analyze what these trends mean for the future of technology and its varied uses in the home, for business, for school, and entertainment. The Technology TUP Lens grouping spans TUP lenses each focused on Devices, PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Consumer Electronics, and Printers.

To view the marketplace through technology-focused TUP lenses, begin with these ones, and consider related TUP lenses:

TUP LensSee also
DevicesPCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets
Mobile PhonesDevices
Consumer ElectronicsHome Entertainment
PrintersWork/Life Balance
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