Brief profile of Americans regularly playing games using connected devices

Dan Ness, Principal Analyst, MetaFacts, March 30, 2023


Fun is a major pastime for most, but not all, American adults using connected devices. Whether they use a game console, gaming PC, regular computer, tablet, or mobile phone, most Americans regularly play immersive or other games.

This TUPdate briefly profiles Americans who regularly play immersive/video or other games, detailing their age, gender, employment status, presence of children, life stage, and use of game-specific devices such as a VR headset.

Americans that play games skew young

  • Playing games using a connected device is a regular activity by two-thirds or more of Americans under the age of 45
    • Connected devices include computers, mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles
  • Beyond age 55, playing games is done by less than half of these older adults

Playing games is not only for males

  • There is a nominal gender difference among Americans who regularly play games
  • Active penetration is slightly higher among females than males

More than half of 18-54 males and 18-64 females regularly play games

  • Both male and female Americans who regularly play games have higher penetration rates among younger than older adults
  • Regular players include two-thirds or more of males aged 18-44 and females aged 18 to 34
  • Regular players include half or more of males aged 18-54 and females aged 18-64

Playing games is not a retirement pastime

  • Playing games using a connected device is a regular activity among Americans of nearly every employment status
  • Retirees have the lowest levels, at 42%
    • Age is a large factor and is associated with retirement
  • Students have the highest levels, at 77%
    • Age is a large factor and is associated with being an adult student

Invite the kids to join in on the fun

  • Americans with children present in their household have much higher rates of playing games using connected devices
  • This is due in part to the generally younger age of parents, and age (or youthfulness) is associated with playing games

Games are more present among younger Americans with children

  • Among Americans in life stages defined by age 40 and up, those adults with children present have higher levels of playing games
  • The lowest rates are among older adults who are not employed outside of the home and who also do not have children in their households

Only game consoles stand out among game players

  • Among the list of widely-used connected devices, Americans who play games and also actively use a game console stand out with a much higher than average rate of gameplay

Those more highly invested in gaming devices also have higher rates of gameplay

  • Americans who use gaming devices – a game console, a gaming PC, or a VR headset – have nearly double the rate of regularly playing immersive or other games

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