MetaFacts-we help our clients create the future

“The best way to predict the future is to ask a Nobel laureate what is impossible to do.” Paul Lauterbur, Nobel Prize, Medicine, 2003

“Building for the future is a very difficult thing to do; we cannot hope to complete the work in one generation; all the more reason to begin at once.” – Rene Cassin, Nobel Prize, Peace, 1968

We can agree that much of the world has changed.

But, what has changed and what has stayed the same?

Solid research can tell you what has and has not changed. Now, more than ever, a deep and fresh profile is critical to planning.

If your profession involves creating the future, and you want key decisions supported by solid data and fewer assumptions, you have come to the right place. MetaFacts helps leading technology firms measure their current and future customers with empirical research. We also help public policymakers measure progress across socioeconomic groups. This site describes the many answers that MetaFacts’ market research supports with its TUP/Technology User Profile service.

TUP is the longest-running continuous study of technology users

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MetaFacts – We help our clients create the future

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